‘WOT’ Duster Discussion Group

A big thank you to the WOT group in Bexhill who kindly invited me to join them this morning to talk about my recent MA work and the duster project.

We had some really interesting discussions about domestic roles and who fulfils them, prompted in part by the current Radio 4 programme. Without a doubt domesticity seems to be a female ‘issue’ and a role that is expected of us, whether we welcome it or not. An interesting point was made about the value placed upon it, both by ourselves and others, and how this impacts upon our personal perspective. Another point was made about the invisibility of the domestic role and unacknowledged domestic tasks that are completed daily without recognition. These are often taken for granted. Is this okay? Do we give only to receive acknowledgement, or do we feel it’s a burden that others should be sharing too?

In contrast many people also commented on the desire to give to their partners/families and how this often manifested itself as a domestic task (cooking dinner for example) and that there was pleasure in that giving.

It’s a subject full of contrasts. On the one hand we complete daily menial tasks to keep the wheels of our homes turning round, out of necessity or even love, on the other hand we resent it when that giving is taken for granted.

Your thoughts on dusters please…

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