Where’s my underpants?

An hilarious and insightful duo submission from Mother and Daughter, Linda and Pip Carter:

‘The 1980’s, three daughters and a part-time job; my husband thinks all domestic chores and family care is “women’s work”. Today I am heartened to see my son-in-law so hands on in the home, with chores and a young family’.

Linda Shayle (Pip's Mum)

‘My duster is inspired by an overheard argument between my parents, when I lived at home in the 90’s. The quote is the response mum gave when dad shouted down the stairs, demanding to know where his underpants were. In these days of gender equality the laundry still ends up being done mainly by mums, wives and girlfriends!’


2 thoughts on “Where’s my underpants?

  1. Ha that sounds familar. My husband once said (only the once), ‘I don’t seem to have any underpants’. It’s now a family joke., along with my uncle’s, ‘Margy, make us a cup of tea love’.


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