Collage/Duster Stitching Workshop at the University of Brighton

I was delighted to run a  workshop at the University of Brighton today, with help from my friend and colleague collage artist Paul Burgess, as part of the Celebrating Research activities that are running this week for both staff and students.

In response to a discussion in the summer with other University colleagues I wanted to explore how the process of embroidering a duster could be extended into something slightly more visually immediate, with appeal to a broader range of participants.

We continued to use the traditional yellow duster as a canvas, but this time the dusters were both stitched into and collaged upon. Stitching became the glue and a collection of advertisements from the 1950’s plus recipes, hardware catalogues and several copies of Vogue, were collaged with inspiration from artists such as Hannah Hoch and Linder Sterling.

Messages that the media uses to influence the way women and girls behave (such as the examples below) were explored, subverted and recreated.




Here are some pictures of work in progress, from a very calm and rewarding morning. More to follow when the finished articles start to arrive on my desk.



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