Get involved

How do you feel about domesticity? 

Do you love it, loath it, fear it, resent it, or embrace it?

Is it an out-dated expectation or a predictable reality?
What does it mean to you personally?

Stitch your perspective onto a duster!

If you have an opinion on the roles and expectations of women within a domestic environment you’re invited to stitch your thoughts onto a duster for inclusion in an exhibition. Don’t be distracted by the duster, it’s not about cleaning (although you can discuss that if you want to!) It’s about your personal views and experiences. It could be a statement, memory, quote, or even a question, it’s up to you.

Many thanks to everyone who has submitted a duster and offered moral support – the response has been fantastic and overwhelming. Subject to funding we hope to develop the idea into something even bigger.

If you would like to embroider a duster for a future event we’d love to have you on board, so feel free to get in touch and start stitching. The only rules are that it is hand stitched on a traditional yellow duster, and that ideally you use red thread. Packs including a duster, thread and a needle are available to purchase for £3.00, with a 50p donation from each one sold going to Women’s Aid – please get in touch if you would like one sent to you. If you’d like to buy your own duster, those from Sainsbury’s work best!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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